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Michael J. Mastrangelo, MD, FACS



Abdominal | Ventral

An abdominal hernia can cause little to no discomfort or there may be pain associated with lifting objects, a cough or strain during a bowel movement.


Groin | Inguinal

The majority of all hernias are located in the groin area, which occur when the contents of the abdomen push through a weak spot in the muscle.


Hiatal | Diaphragm

A hiatal hernia is one of the causes of gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn and chest discomfort. Untreated, these symptoms can lead to cancer.



An umbilical hernia is located near the navel and symptoms include a slight bulge in the abdomen, which may increase with pressure or crying.

Advanced, Personalized Treatments
For All Hernia Types

Michael Mastrangelo, MD, FACS, is the only surgeon in Central Oregon specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and management of all types of hernias.

BHC offers minimally-invasive surgical procedures utilizing advanced techniques in laparoscopy, surgical endoscopy and robotic surgery.

Dr. Mastrangelo also specializes in open surgery and expert use of mesh.