Groin | Inguinal Hernia

A common hernia, often seen in men
The majority of all hernias are located in the groin area. These hernias occur when the contents of the abdomen push through a weak spot in the muscle. These typically happen in active and athletic people. Symptoms may include a bulge but may not be associated with any pain.

It’s important to have an expert physician diagnose any hernia and recommend the appropriate treatment. A hernia can become strangulated or incarcerated, cutting off blood supply and requiring emergency surgery. Strangulation can result in losing a testicle and, worse, can even lead to a life threatening situation.

Femoral Hernia
These hernias can be the result of childbirth and are most often seen in women, although they can appear in men. The hernia is the result of a weakness in the lower groin near the femoral vein. More often than not, the hernia is only detected in an emergency when it becomes strangulated. Therefore, if a femoral hernia is diagnosed early, it is advised to repair it surgically before a complication occurs.