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Providers refer their patients to Bend Hernia Center for Dr. Mastrangelo’s advanced expertise and comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of hernia types and surgical solutions.

The Bend Hernia Center team focuses on abdominal core health and ensures patients are well informed about their diagnosis and understand the treatment options available. We take a holistic approach to patient care from non-operative management to open surgery and expert use of mesh, if needed.

Dr. Mastrangelo works with a patient’s primary care provider and other specialists, as well as physical therapists, in order to recommend a truly personalized treatment plan. We advise the patient on pre-habilitation and enhanced recovery techniques. We recommend treatments based on a patient’s entire medical history, current conditions and lifestyle goals. Our mission is to help your patient return to their normal, active lives as soon as possible.

Dr. Mastrangelo prefers a conservative approach to treatment, offering non-surgical solutions, when appropriate. However, if surgery is required, physicians respect his advanced medical training and expertise in offering the best surgical care available in the region.