Hernia Treatments

Minimally Invasive

Some hernias require only minimally invasive surgical techniques for repair. These advanced procedures include endoscopy for assessment and diagnosis, laparoscopic surgery with small incisions and less post-operative pain, and robotic surgery for intricate surgery and detailed hernia repair that can result in superior outcomes. Learn More

Open Surgery

For more complex or recurring hernias, open surgery may be required to completely repair the condition. In this approach, an incision is made and the surgeon will repair the weakened muscle wall. Depending on the type of hernia, many people can have open hernia repair in an outpatient setting and go home the same day. Learn More


To support the repair of a hernia and decrease the risk of a recurrence, a mesh patch of synthetic or biologic material may be used. The patch reinforces the weakened abdominal wall by decreasing tension on the tissues and, thereby, decreases the risk that a hernia will recur. Learn More


Non-invasive hernia management usually helps ease pain and discomfort caused by a hernia but do not correct the problem. Prior to surgery, a doctor may recommend a watch-and-review period where the patient will utilize an abdominal truss, belt or hernia brief to relieve the pressure and pain. Learn More


After your examination and consultation, Dr. Michael Mastrangelo will work with you to determine the best solution for your hernia management or repair. When appropriate, he prefers a conservative approach to treatment, offering non-surgical solutions. However, if surgery is required, his advanced training and expertise offers you the most advanced and safe surgical care available in the Central Oregon region.

Bend Hernia Center considers the entire person and patient’s lifestyle when choosing a treatment plan, offering a personalized approach to hernia repair. The medical team at BHC has one goal…to provide the highest quality care and increase your quality of life so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Dr. Mastrangelo is the only surgeon in Central Oregon who is fellowship-trained in advanced laparoscopic and minimally-invasive surgery, and focused exclusively on hernia repair, offering laparoscopy, endoscopy and robotic surgery.